A car graveyard with old Lada found in Scotland. There is almost no rust on them

A half-abandoned dump of old cars, among which there were several copies of the Russian car industry – “Niva” and “Samara” in a semi-disassembled form – was found on the outskirts of the Scottish town of Glasgow

As we found out, the old cars belong to the local auto dismantling yard. The Lada found at the test site were right-hand drive. And one of them – “Samara” – and at all from the limited version of the Sedona with a golden body.

AVTOVAZ began supplying its cars to Scotland and Great Britain in 1974. In the 1980s, Soviet cars were very popular there – every year local residents bought tens of thousands of Lada cars.

However, already in the early 1990s, the demand for Russian-made cars began to decline. And by 1997 it was decided to stop exporting.

При этом до сих пор в Шотландии и Великобритании можно встретить довольно много российских автомобилей. Причем многие из них – в отличном состоянии.